Healthy Living With CBD Oil is a Growing Trend

What Is CBD?

Healthy Living With CBD Oil is being proved possible in scientific labs




Because CBD is being talked about a lot these days, let’s examine what CBD is, what how CBD interacts with your own body’s systems, and how pain and discomfort can be relieved for healthy living with CBD Oil Here is a link to high quality low cost products.

In much of the English-speaking world there is a spreading fixation on cannabinoids…What are they, what do they do, and what consequence can it have for you?  Legalization and availability is changing almost daily.

This Spring Canada added marijuana for recreational use to its already-permitted medical uses, although its availability is bogged down while information and facts are being gathered to systematize the distribution and sale – and collection of taxes!

Also this Spring, Zimbabwe passed laws to allow manufacturing of cannabis for scientific and medical use, planning to claim some of the revenues from this modern day miracle cure.

South Africa is procrastinating, because of the belief that cannobinoids are gateway drugs that lead to addictions and misuse of harder stronger addictive opioids.

Pressure has been growing for legalization for medical use for life-impacting diseases in the UK. Just a few days before I put up this post, the UK moved CBD oil with THC content greater than 2 tenths of a percent from the opioid classification so that it can now be medically prescribed for ailments and symptom relief.

A recent big news story about the Heathrow airport confiscation of a twelve-year-old’s THC-containing CDB oil his parents had brought in for his treatment, from another country, put the legalization issue front and center.  It did not take long for the reclassification to take place after the unfair and attention-getting story.  Now residents can legally get healthy living with CBD Oil after Billy’s episode was publicized.

Legalization is mixed in the United States

In the US, CBD oil is legal to make, buy and sell, with a restriction of 0.3% THC…. There are not any growing guidelines, nor is a prescription required for use. Until 2016, growing hemp crops hadn’t been even legal! Importation had been legalized in 2014.

The new farms are producing… a very pure, organically-grown, non-GMO product line is available here.  Please note that many CBD products, especially imports, are adulterated and potency cut with other oils and so the user will not get the expected proven benefits for healthy living from CBD oil...the source I am giving you here is the least expensive and best quality. 

There is also a business opportunity to be seized in this growing market…Forbes Magazine predicts the market will expand 700% in the next five years, and you can be a part of that, as well as help people get a product that will help them.  You can read more about that here.

CBD, THC…what are we talking about here?

Marijuana, which is grown because it has a lot of THC, is prohibited on the federal level, but has become legalized in several states. Most restrict the applications to medicinal only, while 8 as of this writing have legalized recreational use.

The explosion of interest has given birth to a lot of research. What knowledge there was,  was gained from the traditions and rituals of human  beings learned experientially over the ages.  Today  strong scientific proof is proving the benefits…it is not just common lore any longer .

From identifying CBD oil in the 1940’s to identifying and mapping the THC chemical two decades later, how much we know about both marijuana and hemp is still growing.

When marijuana which is in the same family of plants as hemp, was brought into the Western world in 1839, use spread widely and quickly.  It was called Indian Hemp in those days.  Restricting its use became the law of the land.

The chemical composition of Indian Hemp was not known.  Hemp, which was a major crop from colonial times, was grouped with marijuana and finally made completely illegal to grow in 1970 with the War On Drugs.  Marijuana was classified as a Class 1 Opiod in the US…in fact all hemp was in the same category!

Here’s the thing…Marijuana contains THC.  It also has CBD.  THC is the psychotropic chemical that gives the ‘high’.  Healthy Living With CBD Oil has No psychotropic effects.  If THC is also present, as with medical marijuana, then there is a high as well as the CBD health benefits.

It’s Just Not  True – Healthy Living With CBD Oil

The lumping together of all cannabinoids, hemp and marijuana, in the anti- Drug and “poison” Laws was based on ignorance, as well as fear of war protestors, racial prejudice and economic considerations over the years of increasing criminalization.

There’s a great deal of anecdotal evidence that healthy living with CBD oil is a benefit…more and more research is ongoing, supporting the belief with scientfically proven facts.  The oil taken from cannabis  can effectively treat a variety of ailments. It can assist with everything from addictions to nervous disorders and seizures , from PTSD to arthritis .

But despite CBD oil’s much talked about status, remaining nonetheless you will find there’s misjudgment concerning what it really is, and its chemical properties. Many countries consider CBD oil legal.  Others retain the misunderstanding and people can be thrown in jail for having hemp-based CBD Oil.

Some countries have legalized marijuana for medical use…others have legalized it for recreational use, too.

There is still a lot of worldwide confusion over the distinctions between Hemp and Marijuana…in reality, there are two…the chemical composition and the intended use.  And these make a big difference.

This post is not getting into the arguments for or against Marijuana…for whatever use.

What I want to help folks learn and understand is

  1.  You can buy CBD Oil legally
  2. There is an enormous range of very effective uses for it to make healthier, happier living
  3. It has no psychotropic or addictive effects- good for adults, children, pets – all vertebrates!
  4. You don’t need a prescription

Oh, yes, don’t let me forget to be sure to let you know your bank account can benefit, too.  This exploding business is one of the great opportunities of this century.  Not often is there something that comes along that can be both profitable and helpful!

Take a look, won’t you…